Enter only fruits and vegetables in the form of juice without pulp for several days, this becomes the juice. It may not tell you anything and yet, the tendency has been swelling in the United States for several years. the juice bars multiply in the major cities that are on offer green juices cold-pressed, ultra-rich vitamins and antioxidants.

Behind these bars? The giants Coca-Cola, Pepsi or Starbucks. Because before the " reflex well-being "In fashion, the juice is a juicy business. And Joe Cross understood that. In 2010 the Australian entrepreneur is a man "Obese, sick and almost dead" as he describes himself. He takes over his situation head on and decides to drastically change his diet by eating only juice. 2 months later, efforts paid off : Joe lost 45 kg and has "Get rid of drugs" as he tells in the documentary that tells his experience. The success is there, allowing Joe Cross to grow his tips on the internet.

To lose weight, have a nice skin or even to cure … the motivations of the followers of the juice are numerous.

Juice companies in France serve city dwellers with high incomes and busy schedules. Their promises? of the 100% natural juice to find vitality, well-being and silhouette. But that is not everything. A juice cure could stimulate metabolism for " purify The body of all its excesses. We then speak of "Detox cure".

Detox treatment for weight loss: the opinion of specialists

Do nutritionists recommend a detox treatment with fruits and vegetables to lose weight? " No, especially not " meets the nutritionist Hélène Baribeau "It's too drastic and you'll get the lost weight back soon."

Professor Hosen Kiat and Dr. Alice Klein, two Australian researchers who have looked at the benefits and risks of detox treatments, point out "Although it is possible that detox heals few calories are able to cause weight loss in the short term, their usefulness in maintaining a healthy weight in the long term is questionable ". It is important for them to warn consumers "the weight loss claimed by detox products is not supported by any clinical evidence. "1

Hélène Baribeau reminds us of that "To better manage your weight, you must eat in quantities that respect our physiological needs (hunger and satiety) and do not introduce restrictions." Gold makes a cure for juice very hungry and can not refuel nutrients essential.

A hungry wolf

To understand why making juice makes you hungryIt should be noted that the juice and the smoothie are two different things. the smoothie is a mixture obtained at blender of different ingredients that you make (fruits and vegetables, but also frozen yogurt, nuts, seeds, etc.). While the juice is obtained by only fruits and vegetables in one extractor hood or a centrifuge. One of the peculiarities of the juice compared to the smoothie is that it contains no juice no fibers.

So yes, the fibers have no energy value. It is true that they are not absorbed or digested by our slender intestines. However, they are no less essential for digestion. Without fibers, the transit is much faster (which supports the idea of ​​"purifying" juice cures). Without fibers, thenutrient assimilationespecially carbohydrates and lipids are not spread during digestion.

Result? a peak blood sugar quickly, accompanied by his insulin peak and … a wolf hunger that occurs shortly after the drink. Needless to say, the exercise is not recommended for diabetics.

If a final argument was needed to convince oneself of the benefits of fiber, we must remember that fatty acids are formed when the fibers ferment (due to gut bacteria). These fatty acids are one important energy source for the cells of the digestive tract, which ensures their proper functioning and a long-term protection against cancer2.

Finally, it is interesting to note that fibers are praised by diets for their satiating effect for years. But at a time when some are considering it gluten as harmful to the digestive system, we can think that a certain distrust of the fibers has been installed. Nutrition is not immune to trends.

Create the adverse effects of juice

Journalists and bloggers who tested it juice include reporting headachefrom nauseafrom fatigue or a bad breath. Is this really a sign that & # 39; toxins & # 39; leave the body? For professor Hosen Kiat and Dr. Alice Klein the reality is very different. A three-day diet of 6 fruit and vegetable juices per day "Does not meet the daily protein requirements of a person who weighs more than 23 kg".

These diets are also bad low in calories. Result? The organization starts sober situation. Without the energy supplied by glucose, the brain and muscles find themselves destitute. They turn to the liver, looking for a survival solution. Unfortunately, it does not dig into the fat reserves first. He's gonna get itenergy the organization needs in the protein of our muscles to make blood glucose float (this is gluconeogenesis). At the same time he will send ketone bodies to the brain and muscles as energy (via ketogenesis). It is the accumulation of these ketonic bodies in the blood (we speak of the state of ketosis Which cause the headachethe nausea and the bad breath.

Professor Kiat and his colleague also warned about this detox cures »Who associate a limitation in energy and do not respect the nutritional balance "Extreme fasting can lead to shortcomings in proteins and vitamins, a imbalance electrolytic one lactic acidosisand even death. "

They add "To the best of our knowledge, not a rigorous clinical study was performed on the detox courses ". Otherwise " the lack of regulation industrialists offering detox treatments are a major concern » for both scientists. On the word.

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