Melon and strawberry juice

By Laura Durán, professional chef. Updated: July 19, 2016

Melon and strawberry juice

he melon smoothie that we teach you to prepare in is a natural sweet drink, perfect to start the day. If you like fruit or on the contrary, if you do not like to eat fruit, this melon and strawberry juice This is a good way to help you include the fruits in your diet.

3 dinners
Low difficulty
Additional features:
Cheap Cost, Recommended for Athletes, Recommended for Weight Loss, Sugar Free Recipe
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Steps to prepare this recipe:

To make this natural fruit juice, the first thing to do is: gather the ingredients. Peel the melon by throwing all the seeds and chop the strawberries by cutting the green part. We will use the oranges later.

Melon juice and strawberry - Step 1

Place the melon and strawberry pieces in the blender or glass of the food processor that you normally use to liquefy and treat everything until you get a mashed potato.

Melon contains enough water, so you should not have a problem crushing the fruit.

Melon juice and strawberry - Step 2

On the other hand, cut and squeeze the oranges until you get all the juice you can.

Melon juice and strawberry - Step 3

Now mix both preparations and liquefy everything. To finish, add honey and check the taste of the fruit smoothie. If you feel very thick, you can add a little water or more orange juice.

Melon and strawberry juice - Step 4

You can pass the melon and strawberry juice for a colander or drink it as is. This melon smoothie is great for breakfast or even for drinking after exercise.

And to round off a champions' breakfast, combine natural fruit juice with arpas with oats that you can fill to taste.

Melon juice and strawberry - Step 5

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