Melon and orange juice

By Alix Hernández, cook and pastry chef. January 27, 2015

Melon and orange juice

This juice combines the anti-infectious properties of orange, with the cleansing effect of melon and vitamins provided by apples, between many benefits of these fruits The most important is that they help improve blood circulation and help in cancer prevention.

1 dinner
Low difficulty
Additional features:
Cheap cost, recommended to lose weight
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Steps to prepare this recipe:

Before preparing this melon, orange and apple juice, the first step is to list all the ingredients.

Melon and orange juice - Step 1

Add the melon and apple to the mixer, peeled and cut into medium cubes, with the orange juice, process.

Melon and Orange Juice - Step 2

During the smoothie, help with a spatula lower the fruit to obtain a perfectly homogeneous mixture.

Melon and Orange Juice - Step 3

Serve and enjoy immediately melon and orange juice, If you wish, it can be solicited, but it is much more beneficial for the body to consume in this way. I recommend you drink the juice 1 hour before each meal of the day because the food is better digested and the absorption of this drink is facilitated. If you liked this juice, if you have any comments or concerns, give us your opinion.

Melon and Orange Juice - Step 4

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