If you have fruit and vegetable juice, you usually throw away the fiber from these drinks. This can cause constipation due to the lack of fiber in your diet. It may be best to try smoothies instead of making juice if a lack of fiber in your diet is a problem.

There is also the shameful carotenemia that causes skin discoloration when too many orange vegetables are consumed.

The intestinal problems related to the making of juice can lead to dehydration and whiteness. Even the kidneys will be working hard to remove the harmful chemicals caused by the breakdown of stored proteins in your body.

Make other negative effects of juice

Making juice is hard enough, but the use of all organic vegetables makes the process much more boring.

That is why many people choose to oversee the organic element of a juice diet. The use of inorganic vegetables during the juice process loads your system with the toxins that are used to grow larger vegetables that stay fresh longer.

Pesticides and insecticides are not intended to be consumed by the human body. However, organic vegetables can also be harmful.

Organic vegetables are a breeding ground for bacteria. This is precisely why pesticides are used primarily, but there is no perfect solution.

It is advisable to thoroughly clean your juicer every time you use it. The vegetable residue that remains after producing a glass of juice is even more vulnerable to bacteria than whole organic vegetables. This is because the juice is sensitive to decomposition in the destroyed state.

Clean your juicer every day without compromise. If you use it more than once, clean it after each use. Do not leave the juicer dirty for a long time.

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