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How to use the combination table for green juices

I will try to simplify combining juice for you here with some graphs. There will be questions such as & # 39;Can you mix fruit and vegetables?"Some places on the internet suggest that for some reason you can't mix fruit and vegetables. I don't agree. I ask"Why not?"

Fruits and vegetables are vegetable foods. Vegetable food can actually mix, except that the juice structure may be different, so the juice may not taste as good, but they will not harm you.

If they are not cooked, plant-based foods all contain the same basic nutrients: enzymes, vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids, phytonutrients … so why can't they mix? By mixing them, they even have the synergistic power to work together as a super booster!

What other health benefits do you ask for green juices? Look at vegetable juice. If you are new to juices, first read the Juicing Basics page.

This graph is just a very simple guideline to start making a nice-tasting green juice. Once you have tried one of these different combinations, you have more confidence to experiment yourself. The combinations are endless. Later you may want to add more ingredients to the juice, or fewer. It is entirely up to you. There is no set rule as to what you can put in your juice.

How do you make green juices perfect – always!

All measurements below are for a portion of only about 400 – 600 ml using a chew press. You can reduce with the help of a centrifugal juicer. Adjust the amount accordingly to make the desired amount. It would be:

Juice Base + Main Ingredients + Optional Ingredients

= Delicious green juice !!

The vegetables proposed below must be pressed raw (uncooked). Click on their links for more information about the health benefits of each fruit / vegetable.

STEP 1: Make a BASE for your green juice

First determine which BASE you want to start with. Green juices does not necessarily mean that you should use green vegetables ONLY. You can also get other colored fruits and vegetables in smaller quantities. It is even encouraged to use other & # 39; colored & # 39; vegetables – red, purple, orange, yellow – to be used for their various phytonutrients.

Here are a few suggestions. These all form one portion. Adjust the amount accordingly to make the desired amount.

STEP 2: Add the most important ingredients to your green juice

Choose one of the above two items (BASE) and mix one of the following with a perfect super green juice:

You get the idea! From the list above you can also mix and match two random items with the suggested number. Thereafter …

STEP 3: Add optional ingredients to your green juice

So take Base # 1 or 2 or 3, + ANY of the most important ingredients (2 random items) above. To make it more interesting, + EVERY of these optional items below complete the taste, if they are not yet in your recipe. These items are somewhat strong and even sharp, so use them sparingly or omit them if you don't like the smell / taste of them.

One of the excellent qualities of these foods is to balance your gut flora. It helps to reduce harmful bacteria and to increase the population of beneficial bacteria.

Other ingredients that you can add to your juice: mint leaves, basil leaves, lime, dandelion, pinch of cayenne powder, cinnamon powder, chia seed, etc. You are only limited by your imagination, they say. 🙂

So there you have it, an endless list of green juicer recipes that you can make through mix matching. Experiment with the amount according to your taste. Keep it simple and uncomplicated.

Get more green juice recipes.

To enjoy!!

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