Kiwi and lemon water

By Laura Durán, professional chef. Updated: January 12, 2016

Kiwi and lemon water

In this recipe we will make a very refreshing drink for hot summer days with exquisite fruit, kiwi fruit. This fruit contains many vitamins C and E, in addition to its remarkable digestive, diuretic and antioxidant properties. It's also a low-calorie fruit, making it ideal for dieting. Keep reading and discover with how to make kiwi and lemon juice.

4 dinners
Low difficulty
Additional features:
Cheap cost, recommended for weight loss, popular in the spring-summer
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Steps to prepare this recipe:

The first step in making the recipe is to pre-list the ingredients of kiwi soda. You can replace the soda with sparkling water.

Kiwi and Lemon Water - Step 1

In each of the glasses add lemons cut into squares As we see in the photo.

Kiwi and Lemon Water - Step 2

On the other hand, add the ice cream and mix them with soda or sparkling water.

Kiwi and Lemon Water - Step 3

Mix ice cream, soda and lemons. Cut the kiwi into small squares and add to our soda with honey. Mix the ingredients well until they are integrated. If you prefer, you can mix all the ingredients except the ice cream.

Kiwi and Lemon Water - Step 4

Serve it kiwi and lemon water. This drink is ideal for drinking in the morning, at breakfast or during tea. And if you want to know more about other low calorie drinks, do not miss the low-calorie fruit smoothie or chia water.

Kiwi and Lemon Water - Step 5

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