We all eat fruits, salads, green vegetables and even meat on a regular basis, but did you know that most of what you eat is never available for use? It is because nutrients are only released from food cells when they are torn. This is where our teeth and jaw come into action. Mastication helps break down food and release nutrients. Unfortunately, what we eat usually goes through our digestive system without much change and is excreted with hardly any absorption of nutrients.

With a juicer you can solve this problem, since a juicer tends to destroy cells in fruits and vegetables, releasing everything into a fluid medium that is easier to digest. It does something that your teeth and jaw together can never reach – complete chewing. As a result, nutrients that were previously not available for your body now become part of your daily diet.

A recent research paper showed that raw plant extracts that have been pressed into puree help release more than 700 percent of all nutrients present. Did you also know that many hidden flavors are released when making juice? This is an important reason why juice tastes different than the fruit or vegetable.

The health benefits make juice

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