Juice to lower cholesterol

By Olga Gallego, publisher of free recipes. Updated: July 4, 2016

New video recipe! This time of RecetasGratis.net we present the recipe of a juice to lower cholesterol. Unfortunately, this problem affects every day more people in the world, mainly because of a poor diet. But do not worry because this orange juice and papaya It can serve as a natural remedy for gradually reducing high cholesterol. We recommend that you take it every day on an empty stomach so that your body better absorbs all its beneficial properties. However, you can also take it if you do not have a high cholesterol problem because it is delicious and very healthy.

Click on the piece to begin to discover the recipe for this green juice and detox step by step!

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When preparing this home remedy to lower cholesterol, you can use the desired amount of fruit and chia seeds. In the video, you will see that the quantities are not specified, but we advise you to use fresh fruits to prepare it. papaya and orange juice.

If you want to, you can add sugar, it depends on the sweetness you want in your juice, but we recommend you do not put anything, because the fruit with which it is prepared is already sweet in itself, and it will be also a lot more natural and healthy.

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