It is high time that juice made a comeback. We are not talking about hypodermic of course – we mean your morning journal.

Before health campaigners mentioned the high sugar content, it was almost unthinkable to start your day without a thirst-quenching blow of vitamin C. Now a study from the University of Seville in Spain has discovered that with a simple kitchen hack you can restore good, old-fashioned orange juice to its rightful place on your breakfast table. After all, the spirit of the times for health and well-being is cyclical.

The Spanish scientists discovered that the juice froze before it is thawed again, it increases the biological accessibility of carotenoids, making them easier to get into your bloodstream through your intestinal wall.

According to research published in the British Journal of Nutrition, these powerful antioxidants help prevent muscle breakdown and reduce oxidative stress, which is linked to an increased risk of cancer. However, perhaps the most important thing is that carotenoids also have a protective effect against heart disease, which in the UK alone is responsible for more than 160,000 deaths a year.

It is therefore the most convenient way to buy orange juice in bulk and to keep the stock in the freezer ready. Regarding those scary stories about the high sugar content of the juice, you can compensate for the negatives with a high-fiber breakfast such as oatmeal. Squeeze more of your morning.

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