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Miracle juice or internet craze?

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I admit. I'm a fool for a whim, whether it's a sports lesson, a fashion accessory or a new kind of food preparation. So when I heard about the trend of celery juice, I had to try it.

For those of you who are not aware of this cultural phenomenon, Anthony Williams – also known as the medical medium – wrote a message on his popular website in which he shared the & # 39; amazing benefits & # 39; of juicing modest celery stems and drinking 16 grams each morning. "Celery is really the savior when it comes to chronic illness," Williams writes. "I have seen thousands of people recover their health."

Really? I decided to try a week of celery juice. I bought seven huge bunches of celery from the Zich Farm stand at the farmers market in the city center. "Are you juicing?" The cashier asked me as she tried to put the steals in my bag. "Oh, yes, that's me," I replied, somewhat self-consciously.

The next morning I rinsed the celery sticks that I had pre-cut the night before. I don't have a juicer, but the internet told me that my Vitamix would work fine. (Spoiler alert: I made a mess of it, mainly because I had lost my sieve and had to press the celery through coffee filters. Use a juicer.)

The taste wasn't bad either. It was salty (Williams says celery "contains cluster salts that are antiseptics for pathogens"), but also slightly sweet. I really wanted to cool it, but Williams says he won't, because it will dilute & # 39; the healing powers of the juice & # 39 ;.

I drank my hot celery juice for the next six days. At the end of the week I had a little more energy (placebo effect?) And I felt that my digestion was certainly more, ahem, regular. I'm not so sure it's life-changing, but I certainly feel virtuous.

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