Moisturizing Cucumber Juice Recipe

The heat of the summer still has to disappear completely. Have you tried cooling off with a refreshing, fresh glass of green juice – more specifically, fresh cucumber juice? Some of our favorite juices for the summer months include ours Refreshing lemonade, Fresh strawberry juice, Watermelon Summer Refresherand of course our hydrating cucumber juice.

Cucumbers have been a food source thousands of years. Native Americans, ancient Romans and doctors from the 17th century all believed in the hydrating and amazing health benefits of cucumbers.

This super veggie is a staple in the juice community because it contains a lot phytonutrients, and has a neutral flavor profile that makes it easy to add to almost any juice recipe. If you've experimented with new recipes at home or in your company, you've come to the right place! Today we are going to share our game-changing fresh cucumber juice recipe with you. View the health benefits of this great recipe:

Ingredients for hydrating cucumber juice recipe

Moisturizing Cucumber Juice Recipe

Yield: About 24 oz. The yield can vary depending on the product and your extraction method. This recipe was made with the Goodnature X-1 Mini in the Goodnature Innovation Kitchen.


  • Cucumber – 20 oz
  • Green Apple – 15.4 oz
  • Kale – 6 oz
  • Lemon – 2.4 oz


  1. Weigh the product and wash it thoroughly with a product or antimicrobial wax
  2. Compress all ingredients
  3. chill
  4. Enjoy or bottle & sale!

Fast production tips:

  • When you try to find the best cucumbers for making juice, look for medium to large cucumbers that are firm without soft spots or spots.
  • Your cucumbers must be dark green with minimal to no yellow spots – these spots tend to develop as soon as the cucumber becomes too ripe. If you have cucumber wax on the outside, make sure you remove the wax well with a safe veggie wax.
  • View our article for more tips on preparing products for making juice here.

Don't let the summer heat bring you down! With these easy-to-find ingredients, this is a simple recipe to offer to your friends, family or customers. If you are looking for a drink with a bit more sweetness, you can always add a few strawberries!

Do you have a favorite recipe for cucumber juice? Share it with us in the comments!

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