One of the drinks the most typical when the weather is fine are the of the slush, because they are very invigorating and help to resist heat in summer. As for the taste of olive oil of the slush, can be developed from an infinite number of them, although those of fruit are among the most common. Not only will you be able to take care of them glaciers and barsbut you can prepare them yourself at home by following the recipes of aHow about how to prepare the fruit porridge.

Steps to follow:


A acclaimed is a type of drink based on crushed ice and fruit juice or fruit essence, or an alcoholic beverage. When it comes to choosing the flavour, there are countless possibilities for fruit puree; although lemon puree is one of the most common, we suggest that you prepare it with strawberries, kiwi, watermelon, melon, pineapple, pear, etc.

How to prepare fruit slush - Step 1



To prepare the fruit puree, you should washing of fruit pieces chosen to flavour our refreshing drink. Depending on the fruit, we can choose to peel it or not, it is clear that we will peel bananas or kiwi, while if it is peaches, we can choose to keep it.

How to prepare fruit slush - Step 2


Then you will have to cut the fruit pieces into pieces to liquefy or divide it into juice and save the preparation for later use. If you do not have an American blender – the pots – you can choose to use a traditional blender to extract the juice from the fruit with which you will prepare the slush.

How to prepare fruit slush - Step 3


On the other hand, we will prepare a syrupi.e. the sugar dissolved in water and cooked in the fire until it has the consistency of the syrup. To do this, we will put the water with the sugar in a pan, light the fire to dissolve the water without stopping stirring and cook it until the syrup thickens. You will find the recipe step by step on how to make syrup.

How to prepare fruit slush - Step 4


In a shallow container, mix the fruit juice with the syrup and put it in the freezer. We’re going to have to go beat him while he’s freezing so he doesn’t stay in a block of ice.

We can also choose to freeze it in a few days. shaker and shake it, cut the ice once frozen or add chopped ice that you can also chop with a blender or chopper to get the melted snow off the fruit.

How to prepare fruit slush - Step 5

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