The drinks have become the protagonists of the parties, which is why more and more people are daring to prepare their own drinks and cocktails without being professionals and perhaps without having already done so.

However, if you are having a party, it is good to remember that many people do not drink alcohol, so today on we teach you how to how to prepare an alcohol-free daiquiri so that all your guests can drink, taste and enjoy your drinks. Cheers!

Steps to follow:


We will carry out two types of daiquiris without alcoholthe first will be a peach daiquiri and the second a strawberry daiquiri. Gather all the ingredients and let’s get to work.


Open a can of peaches, but do not remove the sweet liquid from it. Place the entire contents of the container in the mixer.


Squeeze half a lemon and add two tablespoons of this juice to the peaches.


Now add 1/3 cup of milk and ice cubes.


For those who can drink alcohol but do not want to drink too much, you can add to the rum flavoured drink.


Liquefy until a smooth mixture is obtained.


Serve in two decorated glasses.

How to prepare an alcohol-free daiquiri - Step 7


To perform the strawberry daiquiri without alcohol fill a shaker with the juice of 8 fresh strawberries, crushed ice and 3 tablespoons of sugar.

How to prepare an alcohol-free daiquiri - Step 8


Shake well for a few minutes and serve the mixture in a cocktail glass decorated with a strawberry.


To decorate the glass, simply cut a strawberry in half, make a small cut with a knife and place it on the edge of the glass.

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