For those who like to refresh themselves by refreshing themselves with a delicious non-alcoholic cocktailSan Francisco is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives. A colourful drink perfect for summer nights and the hottest days. Its absence of alcohol makes it an excellent alternative for those who do not like very strong drinks. If you want to try it, in we explain it step by step. how to prepare a San Francisco.

Steps to follow to prepare this recipe:


Take the glass in which you are going to serve your San Francisco cocktail and wet its rim with a little grenadine. Serve on a flat plate with a little bit of sweeten and wet the edge of the glass with it, the grenadine will help it to adhere. It will be a very attractive decorative element for your cocktail.

How to prepare a San Francisco - Step 1


Mixing in the same way peach, pineapple and orange juice, always taking into account the proportion of the number of San Francisco cocktails you want to prepare. Use a large glass as a reference.

Pour the mixture into the cocktail shaker and shake with a little crushed ice until all the juices have mixed well.


With the help of a strainerPour the sumo mixture into the glass in which you will serve the drink, previously filled with ice. The strainer will help you not to lose the ice that was in the shaker and put it back into the glass in which you are going to serve.


Add to the list grenadine to be enjoyed, always taking into account that this syrup makes drinks very sweet, it is therefore preferable to add it little by little.


Cut the orange into slices, take a slice and cut it at one end to place it on the edge of the glass or cup and use it as decoration. You can also choose a portion of pineapple.


Ready! Ready! In these simple steps, you will have your delicious San Francisco cocktail ready.

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