What could be better than a good tiger’s milk to satisfy the summer heat? Although we can drink it all year round, with the arrival of summer, bars and caf├ęs are full of it. soft drink based on tiger nuts. However, the truth is that we can also prepare it ourselves at home and it will taste much tastier and more intense. So don’t wait any longer and discover with this recipe how the steps work how to make tigernut milk.

Steps to follow to prepare this recipe:


The tiger’s milk is a refreshing drink well known in Spain and especially in regions like Valencia. However, not everyone knows what the original tiger milk is made of or where its star ingredient comes from: tiger tiger milk. tigernut. Although it may look like a nut, the truth is that it is a tuber that has an infinite number of beneficial health properties. It is precisely the “Tigernut de Valencia” which has a designation of origin and a regulatory council responsible for guaranteeing the quality of this fruit that arrived in the Huerta de Valencia by the Egyptians.

How to make tigernut milk - Step 1


When preparing the homemade horchata, the first thing to do is to hydrate this tuber, because on the market you will find it dehydrated, so you should soak the tigernuts in a container large enough for at least 24 hours and change the water. In addition, if you have enough time, it is advisable to leave them for up to 48 hours to completely hydrate them.


After this time, completely remove the water where you soaked the souchets and place them in the glass of the blender or blender with a little water per litre that we indicate in the list of ingredients, reserve the rest. Go crush everything to get what’s called”’.tiger’s milkIf you notice that you are short of water, you can add a little more water to get the mixture.


The next step in the artisanal production of horchata will be pass through a colander or Chinese pasta obtained by crushing the tigernuts. In this way, we can separate the shells and impurities of the stumps from what will be the horchata; you will see that a kind of mass will form that you will have to press with insistence and patience to filter it completely; it is an expensive, but essential task.


When you can no longer extract any more liquid from the crushed souchets, you can discard the dough and add the water you originally reserved for the filtered liquid. Finally add the sugar and mix well so that it dissolves completely in water. tiger’s milkPut it in the refrigerator or refrigerator for a few hours so that it can be served completely cold.

How to make tiger milk - Step 5


And although the tiger’s milk is the most traditional and best known, we also explain step by step:

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