According to William, the abundance of antioxidants in red pitaya is the way they help heal the liver. William is registering Delivery, "When you consume antioxidants … the liver releases a compound that attaches to the antioxidants … The antioxidant-based softener performs a rescue operation for hardened, burdened scar tissue and other damaged tissue … Softening hardened adhesions and scar tissue leaves new cells grow, enabling recovery and resurrection of the liver.

Although pitaya does not contain the highest amount of antioxidants compared to any other fruit, William is convinced that red pitaya is the best superfood to heal your liver, because "it helps your liver produce cells faster, so that regeneration of the liver can occur It is a fountain of youth fruit for the liver that delays and stops liver delays by taking care of the deep inner core, which in most cases succumbs to illness if it is neglected for too long. "Unfortunately, alongside William & # 39; s followers, the effect of dragon fruit on liver rejuvenation has not been tested on humans.

There have been a few animal studies on pitaya, according to Jill R. Baron, M.D., physician for integrative and functional medicine in New York City. She explained that "some animal research has been done in recent years to show that drinking the dragon fruit juice can help treat a fatty liver, lower your cholesterol, lower your chances of diabetes, lowering your blood pressure and possibly reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Similar to William's suggestion, this healing property comes specifically from the antioxidants in red pitaya. Baron agreed when she explained to me: "These medicinal properties of dragon fruit juice may be related to an antioxidant group called betacyanines, especially in the red pitaya."

Since there are no medical studies in humans on the liver for red pitaya, it is not possible, according to Baron, to know whether this fruit can work for you. "The optimal dose for treating fatty liver and other medical conditions is not yet known. To try it, it might be wise to eat the fruit or juice, like other fruits and vegetables, and see how you feel. "

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