Healthy summer diet: vegetarian popsicles are the coolest ways to sneak in some food


  • Fruits and vegetables are essential for a healthy mind and body
  • There are some interesting ways to include vegetables in your diet
  • Vegetable popsicles are great for sneaking into food during the summer

Conventional health wisdom dictates that adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet can help you lead a healthier and longer life. Fruits and vegetables are indeed treasure chambers of micronutrients that are essential for some important bodily functions in very complex and versatile ways. Micronutrients contain vitamins and minerals that the body needs in small amounts, but which are nevertheless important to consume. A portion of fruits and vegetables with your meals a day can help your body equip itself to cope with the wear and tear of an overly stressful life and extreme weather. Armed with phyto-nutrients or plant-based substances, fresh foods add antioxidants to your body that can combat inflammation and thus protect against a range of diseases.

Throwing fruit and vegetables in the form of salads is a way to ensure good portions of fresh produce in your diet. But there are a number of other, more interesting ways to do this without sacrificing nutrition. Making juice from your fruits and vegetables can take away precious fibers, but adding them to smoothies is great. Another way to make good use of the best fruits and vegetables of the season is to enjoy them like ice creams. Maybe you have spent many scorching summer slurps of fruit ice creams. But have you ever heard of vegetarian pops or sweets made from vegetable ice cream? They may sound like a culinary travesty, but they really aren't, as long as you know the right kind of vegetables to combine with the right kind of fruit.

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Veggie Pop Ideas: Coolest Way To Sneak In Nutrition From Vegetables

Here are some ideas for vegetable popsicles that you might want to try at home:

1. Apple, beetroot and carrot popsicles

Turn the beloved ABC drink into frozen treats by simply pouring the fruit and vegetarian puree into popsicles. You can add some organic honey to sweeten. The drink is a great way to give your children the idea of ​​eating vegetables this summer.

2. Cucumber, lime and mint popsicles

This is as summery as it gets – cucumber juice with lemon-like freshness and the cooling taste of fresh mint leaves. Moreover? The drink is shaped into a delicious popsicle!

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6q5jpgg8 Healthy summer diet: the cucumber, lemon and mint popsicles are as summery as possible

3. Tomato, carrots and lemon ice cream

Tomatoes and carrots come together with lemon juice and a little salt and pepper to make this veggie pop. This savory popsicle can confuse your taste buds, but it can be a great way to enjoy your vegetables during the hot summer months.

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4. Spinach smoothie popsicle

Freeze your green breakfast smoothie for a more pleasant and nutritious summer. Spinach regularly appears in breakfast smoothies, so why not pour it into popsicle molds for an even tastier treat?

As soon as you start experimenting with turning your vegetables into ice candy, you may be surprised by the delicious combination of taste and nutrition that rewards you. So, which of these are you preparing for this summer?

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