Ginger lemonade

By beatrizmora. February 21, 2019

Ginger lemonade

Do not miss this fantastic ginger lemonade recipe so easy and quick to do because it only takes you 10 minutes and 4 ingredients to be ready to drink. In addition, homemade and non-industrial, this ginger and lemon drink is very healthy for the body and can be taken in the morning or at any time of the day. Among its ingredients highlights the scraping / panela or piloncillo that helps sweeten the acidity of lemons. If you do not know how to make homemade ginger lemonade, check out the step-by-step recipes for free.

2 dinners
Low difficulty
Additional features:
Cheap cost
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Steps to prepare this recipe:

Containers to use for the ginger lemonade recipe: pitcher, knife, cup, juicer, cutting board.

Ginger Lemonade - Step 1

We must have all the ingredients ready necessary to make ginger with panela.

Ginger Lemonade - Step 2

We cut the guitar in small pieces.

Trick: In other countries, it is also called panela or piloncillo.

Ginger Lemonade - Step 3

We pour the scrape into a pitcher of a liter of water so that dilute.

Ginger Lemonade - Step 4

We cut the ginger in small strips, and we also add in the pot with water and scrape.

Does ginger peel? Discover in this article that we show you.

Ginger Lemonade - Step 5

We cut and we press the lemons so that the lemonade to scratch is very fresh.

Ginger Lemonade - Step 6

Once we have the juice of the 4 lemons, what add to the rest of the ingredients ginger lemonade in the jar.

Ginger Lemonade - Step 7

Let's go and go! The homemade ginger lemonade He is ready to serve. If you prefer it to be frozen, add a few ice cubes so that it is very cold and you can also drink warm or hot, like this fruit punch without alcohol.

Ginger Lemonade - Step 8

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