Fruit smoothie for the summer

By Maia Ayelén Riveros Quiñones. April 19, 2016

Fruit smoothie for the summer

This is a very simple special recipe for this summer, but it also works all year round. he natural fruit smoothie which is part of, Maia Ayelén is a refreshing, healthy and delicious drink that you can start to prepare now because, as its name suggests, it is ideal for combating heat in summer.

he fruit smoothie for the summer You can serve it for breakfast or afternoon tea, or if you prefer a brunch on weekends, this drink will be the perfect touch.

6 persons
Low difficulty
Additional features:
Cheap cost
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Steps to prepare this recipe:

The first step to prepare is the natural fruit juice, the first thing to do is wash and cut all the fruits. We do this so that everything that is liquefied is treated more easily and everything is crushed.


Place all the fruits in the blender with ice and water and the process. Add water until you get the desired texture and ice is an optional ingredient, because you can add it in the blender or directly in the glass when you are going to serve the smoothie to fruits.


Check that the flavor of the smoothie suits you, it is not necessary to add sugar because the fruit already has enough sugar, but if you wish, you can add honey or brown sugar if you think it necessary.


At the service of fruit smoothie for the summeradd more ice cream to each glass and decorate with a few slices of lemon. And to finish off the breakfast, we recommend that you accompany this natural fruit juice with a light French toast.

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