Diuretic juice with grapefruit

Using what nature gives us to heal our bodies has become the first option for medicines and especially for weight loss. This time RecetasFree.net offers you a simple and quick recipe to prepare a natural detox juice diuretic properties, a fruit and vegetable juice with grapefruit, apple and fennel that help you maintain your water retention. Search for the natural and enjoy the nutritional and medicinal properties of the food that the earth gives us.

1 dinner
Low difficulty

Extra functions:
Cheap costs, recommended for weight loss


Steps to prepare this recipe:


Make this diuretic juice is very simple, the first thing to do is prepare the ingredients. Wash all the fruit for this; Cut the grapefruit, apple and fennel into two halves, cut into small pieces.


With the ingredients ready, squeeze the grapefruit remove all the juice. Then bring everything to the blender and crush it with a little water for a few seconds. Beat at maximum speed and pour water to soften the mixture. Never add more than half a liter of water.


Finally, pass the mixture through a colander, help yourself with a spoon to crush the mixture and remove the maximum amount of liquid. Enjoy this delicious morning juice with breakfast, drink a drink every three days until moisture retention has disappeared.

Trick: If you have a juicer, you can add the apple and fennel immediately without filtering later

Grapefruit diuretic juice - Step 3


Add a healthy, nutritious breakfast with toast with strawberry jam or delicious fruit skewers. Remember that you can also add chia seeds, spirulina or goyi berries to your nutritional value moisture-wicking juice.

Trick: This diuretic juice is completely natural, if you want you can sweeten it with honey to prevent processed sugar.

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