Cucumber, celery and green apple smoothie


By Yana, culinary blogger. Updated July 16, 2019

Cucumber, celery and green apple smoothie

Hydration is very important, especially in hot weather or when we play sports. This Cucumber, celery and green apple smoothie With pear and ginger, Free Recipes will help keep you hydrated because of the properties of its components – which are great sources of water, vitamins and minerals. In addition, thanks to the intake of fiber, the apple, pear and dates promote digestion and are, along with cucumber, diuretics and cleansers.

1 dinner
Low difficulty
Additional features:
Cheap Cost, Recommended for Weight Loss, Lactose Free Recipe, Sugar Free Recipe, Popular in Spring-Summer
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Steps to prepare this recipe:

Peel the cucumber, apple and pear and cut them into pieces way.


Cut celery and dates into pieces. Peel and chop the ginger.


Enter fruits and vegetables with the dates and the water in the blender glass and beat them until a homogeneous mixture is formed.


Pour the cucumber juice, celery and green apple in a glass and enjoy it.

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Cucumber, celery and green apple smoothie - Step 4

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