Cress and Cucumber Smoothie

By Ana Victoria Vázquez, cook and pastry chef passionate about photography. Updated July 16, 2019

Cress and Cucumber Smoothie

The green juice They are a very good option for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while being 100% natural. These fruit and vegetable juices help us purify our blood and purify our vital organs; they provide us with minerals, amino acids and essential vitamins; They improve our digestion and accelerate the elimination of waste. That's why we include detox juices like this watercress and cucumber smoothie In your daily diet, this can help you lose weight.

1 dinner
Low difficulty
Additional features:
Cheap cost, recommended to lose weight
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Steps to prepare this recipe:

To make our detox juice, wash and disinfect the watercress, cucumber, apple and lemon. Once they are clean, we separate the watercress leaves from the larger branches. And if you are not very accustomed to tasting green juices, you can briefly immerse the watercress in boiling water. With thirty seconds, it will be enough to reduce its bitter taste.

Watercress and Cucumber Smoothie - Step 1

Cut the cucumber with everything and peel in thin slices, we facilitate the smoothing process, whether you prepare the green juice in a blender or in a centrifuge. Among the other benefits, cucumber contains a large amount of vitamin C and K, so it helps us as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and to maintain healthy skin

Cresson and Cucumber Smoothie - Step 2

Cut the apple sliced ​​without removing the hullbecause it is an excellent source of fiber. High fiber diets have a significant impact on reducing cholesterol levels and controlling hemorrhoids. Flavonoids are another of the properties of the apple, which reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer.

Cresson and Cucumber Smoothie - Step 3

If you prepare this recipe in a centrifuge, enter quickly all chopped vegetablesso that you can use more vegetables per serving, your body absorbs nutrients quickly and your energy level increases instantly. If you prepare this recipe in a blender, it's just as beneficial because you get more fiber per serving, your body slowly absorbs nutrients and sugars, helping to stabilize the blood sugar level (and you satisfy longer).

Cresson and Cucumber Smoothie - Step 4

Remember that the properties of watercress for weight loss are due to its high fiber and water content, making it a satiating, diuretic and purifying food. Serve it watercress and cucumber smoothie with a few drops of lemon juice and instantly enjoy to enjoy all the nutrients that it contains detoxification juice. You can also try:

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  • Green lettuce and chayote juice
Cresson and Cucumber Smoothie - Step 5

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