Coconut and papaya smoothie

By Cris GRX, specialized in Spanish gastronomy. June 30, 2016

Coconut and papaya smoothie

With the heat we want to have at hand refreshing drinks and if they are natural and homemade, the better it is. The fruit smoothies They are a natural source of vitamins that, in addition, satisfy our appetite and provide us with many vitamins very necessary for our health.

he coconut and papaya smoothie It's a super cool drink that combines very tropical flavors. We have incorporated other fruits such as bananas, lime and carrots. Follow in the step by step that you will surely love!

4 dinners
Low difficulty
Additional features:
Average cost, Recommended for children, Recommended for vegans, Recommended for weight loss, Lactose-free recipe, Sugar-free recipe, Popular in Spring-Summer, Nothing spicy, Ideal for accompanying natural juice, Cold
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Steps to prepare this recipe:

We gather all the ingredients make a smoothie with coconut and papaya. Papaya is a tropical fruit with antioxidant and purifying properties, ideal to drink in juice.

Coconut and Papaya Smoothie - Step 1

Carrots are peeledwe cut them into slices and place them in the blender glass. In the same way, we cut the papaya In half, remove the central seeds, peel the fruits and add them to the blender glass.

Coconut and Papaya Smoothie - Step 2

We beat the papaya juice and add the juice of half a lime. We continue to beat for the flavors to be integrated. If you do not have lime, you can replace it with lemon, although the first is always more citrus and has a very fresh aroma.

Coconut and Papaya Smoothie - Step 3

We add banana Peeled and continues to beat until all pieces are removed. If you like the sweetest juices, you can add another banana to soften it.

Coconut and Papaya Smoothie - Step 4

We add coconut waterCoconut milk and cold water until you get the texture you prefer. You can also add, but the smoothie will be denser.

Coconut and Papaya Smoothie - Step 5

This coconut and papaya smoothie It can be taken at breakfast, at tea time or between meals. For all lovers of natural juices, we recommend trying papaya juice and citrus or raspberry juice to lose weight. We are waiting for your comments!

Coconut and Papaya Smoothie - Step 6

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