Cellulite juice

By Olga Gallego, publisher of free recipes. June 27, 2016

In RecipesGratis.net, we love to help you eat healthy, that's why we present you this new video recipe from juice against cellulite! that you can take every day in the morning for a month, if you want to check the effects. This green juice and detox is perfect for fighting the cellulite, since it eliminates the accumulation of liquids and toxins that produce it. This also neutralizes the fat that accumulates in the thighs, and it's very easy to do because you just have to beat all the ingredients and drink the juice for the moment.

Do not miss this home remedy for eliminate toxins and losing weightIn addition to being healthy, it is delicious!

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You can use the desired amount of all ingredients to prepare this dish. juice against celluliteyou will see that in the video, there is no specified amount of fruits and vegetables, yes, the more fresh they are, the better. But do not worry, all the foods that this juice contains are, among other things, diuretics and antioxidants.

Do not forget that you can put sugar in the juice if you feel like it, but we advise you not to put it, because the smoothie will be much healthier and natural.

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