Celery and cucumber juice

By Vanessa Romero. Updated: March 7, 2016

If you are looking for a green juice to lose weight, celery smoothie and cucumber is the perfect option. It's a natural juice of fruits and vegetables that also contains pineapple and honey, which makes its taste really delicious and different from others. detoxification drinks It really costs a bit to drink. Follow this simple tutorial and learn how to prepare a celery juice and cucumber to lose weight, natural and refreshing.

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Do this depurative shake Just mix all the ingredients with water and honey. Remember that you do not have to peel the cucumber, that celery will only use the stem and that the pineapple has to peel it and shed the heart.

Celery and cucumber juice is great for take for breakfast. If you do it regularly with a balanced diet to lose weight, you will begin to see results in a week.

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