Apple juice with Thermomix

Updated: April 19, 2016

You had thought of using your Thermomix to make natural juices, and, well, what are you waiting for! In, we show you how to make a Apple juice, natural and tasteful with the help of your food processor.

2 dinners
Low difficulty
Additional features:
Cheap cost, Thermomix
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Steps to prepare this recipe:

Making this fruit juice with Thermomix is ​​very easy, all you have to do is put all the ingredients in the glass of your food processor and program it to a minute at maximum speed.


In principle, we recommend to peel the apples, but if you wish, you can leave the skin. We also recommend using red apples, juicier and sweeter.


As for sugar, remember that it is optional and that you can always replace it with honey or brown sugar. When everything is well crushed, strain the juice in a sieve and serve with a little ice cream.


he Apple juice with Thermomix There is no science but it is worth it to prepare and enjoy this natural drink to start the day with energy.

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