Alcohol-free punch for Halloween

By Strawberries from Europe . October 24, 2016

For celebrate halloween And surprise your guests, Strawberries of Europe offers you a sinister and tasty cocktail with strawberries.

If you're tired of always making the same punch recipe, or if you want to make a soft drink for the little ones to take advantage of their "blood potion", look no further! For the making of this delicious punch, we will use crushed strawberries, a fruit that, in addition to the flavor, will offer children an extra amount of vitamin C and fiber. And to enhance the red color of the drink, we will add red fruit juice, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and essential minerals. What else do you need to know? Stay at and discover how to make punch without alcohol for Halloween, step by stepor it will be scary!

4 dinners
Medium difficulty
Additional features:
Cheap cost, recommended for children
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Steps to prepare this recipe:

Preparing this alcohol-free punch for Halloween is very simple. For a start, we take a pitcher and vpour the red fruit juice, soda and mix We have selected the red fruit juice for both its aromatic taste and for its intense color, perfect for this holiday.


After we incorporate the milled strawberries and we continue to mix so that the Halloween drink is well integrated. Then we add the crushed ice. If the ice cream is chopped, it's much better, so feel free to crush it with the blender if you have this unit.


We distribute the alcohol-free punch for Halloween in individual glasses or glasses and decorate with caramel spiders or homemade jelly worms. The result will be a drink that will terrorize all your guests because of its considerable resemblance to blood. And the best is that it is suitable for children!

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