Juicing has a moment. Adding fruit-filled protein smoothies and fresh green drinks to your day has never gone out of style, but today's juicers are more powerful and better at maintaining the nutrients in your products. Enter the Easehold Dual Speed ​​600 W Juicer – a powerful device that makes delicious drinks in minutes.

The juice extractor from Easehold is fantastic for both newcomers and professionals. It has two speeds: one for soft fruits and vegetables (such as orange) and one for hard products (such as apples). The stainless steel blades and the three-inch inlet extract more juice, vitamins and minerals than a standard juice extractor. It assembles in minutes, so you can make your dream drink during hectic mornings. It can be dismantled in an instant and it wipes clean in seconds. It is also specially designed to prevent leaks and falls.

The Easehold Dual Speed ​​600 W Juicer is built to last, so that you can enjoy healthy drinks for years to come. It usually costs $ 62.99, but it is now on sale for $ 47.99 (23% off).

Easehold Dual Speed ​​600 W Juicer – $ 47.99

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