If you are not guessed by now, those of us who prescribe 225 dining love food. But during a visit to the new Main Squeeze Juice Company I noticed that the juice is purifying and I wondered: could I go one day without food?

The juice, smoothie and wellness store opened on Burbank Drive last November. Among the traditional multi-day juice cleaning options, it offers 24-hour cleaning. That seemed just right for my comfort level, so I decided to satisfy my curiosity.

I explained to Annie Edick from Main Squeeze that I was new to juice cleaning. She let me taste a few of the drinks and explained the benefits of each. We made a tailor-made cleaning and I pulled the trigger and bought it. When I left the store, I have to admit that I felt excited. Here's how my whole experience went down.


I woke up and felt ready to tackle the day. I brushed my teeth and went downstairs to make my morning cup of coffee – just to remember that I couldn't do that, thanks to the cleaning. It was OK – my mind was still high. I started with the immunity juice, made with apples, beets and zucchini. Edick had told me it was an ideal juice to start the day because beetroot has a lot of & # 39; good & # 39; contain carbohydrates and make your body feel full. The juice had a strong beet flavor, but I didn't mind at all and actually thought it was very good.

Halfway through the morning I was on my second juice: alive. I didn't lie, I was the most nervous about this. I was already in doubt about the combination of lemon, maple and cayenne pepper, but it was the living algae from the juice that really sent me over the edge. However, the ingredients are very cleansing, so I put on a brave face and went through it. It really ended up as a sweet lemonade with a huge kick of cayenne pepper, although it took me much longer to drink than the first juice.

Immunity, glow, vision and youth juices from Main Squeeze Juice Company


While I opened my third juice, Glow, I saw my colleagues jealously leaving for lunch. I imagined all the lunch options I would have if I didn't make juice – torture. Fortunately, this juice was made from apple, cucumber, kale, lemon, and spinach, and it tasted much better than the living juice. It was pretty good too.

The next was Vision, with apple, carrot, pineapple, lemon, beet and ginger. Edick called it one of my "nice juices". (But if you drink only juice one day, any juice can really be considered fun? These were the thoughts that flowed through my head.) This turned out to be by far my favorite juice. I was afraid that by the end of the afternoon I would be far too hungry, but I felt pretty full – to the point that I wasn't sure how much more juice my body could handle.


As the sun went down, my friends made plans to eat, go to the gym together, or catch some late-night froyo. I longed for solid food, but was left alone with my thoughts and a black juice instead. This was by the way called Detox and was made with water, lemon, agave and activated carbon. The detoxifying charcoal made the juice look scary, but it didn't affect the drink's lemonade-like taste.

My last juice of the day was Youth, with carrot, coconut water, lime and turmeric. It was again one of my "nice" juices, but I had trouble evoking the excitement of breaking it open. The sound of the seal's seal only made me long for the next morning.

The juice was tasty, but completely open: I cheated a bit at this point in the night. It started innocently enough: I went to MJ & # 39; s Café and ordered a large salad so that I would be ready for lunch the next day. Edick recommended eating a vegetable meal the day after my cleaning, so this was important. But at a certain point during the journey from MJ's salad to my fridge, I took a few bites. Boy, it was a welcome treat. I literally never thought in my life that I would spoil salad until late at night, but here we are.

Anyway, if "cheating" means that I have eaten a few bites of a salad, then I think I have managed to live with the guilt.

The verdict

I have to admit that I can be melodramatic, but 24-hour juice cleaning is definitely an attempt. There were times when the temptation to stop and go to Fat Cow was strong.

The most challenging part of the day for me was definitely dinner. Judging by Main Squeeze's juice cleansing plans, others feel the same: the store offers a "Juice" Til Dinner "plan for one or five days. This package encourages juice all day and then eats a vegetable meal for dinner. This seems to be the most realistic option – I could see myself doing this monthly or even weekly.

By the end of my cleansing I was so happy that I had finished it. I felt lighter and, quite frankly, very well. I was motivated to eat healthier to keep my body full of good energy. And while I write this almost a week later, I drink a Java Nut smoothie and I have an immunity juice for later in my fridge. I'm still eating a big non-juice dinner tonight. It's all about balance, right?

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