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<p>After making a lemon juice, lemon zest usually ends up in a trash can. In this article we will discuss their nutrient content and some of their benefits.<span id=

You can also read a little bit about how lemon zests are used to prevent and treat different health problems.

Lemon peel contains 5 to 10 times more vitamins than the juice itself, including vitamins C, A, and beta-carotene, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

The skin contains ingredients that have proven to be important in the fight against cancer cells in the human body. Salvestrol Q40 is essential in the fight against early-stage cancer cells, especially in cases of breast cancer, colon cancer and skin cancer.

The lemon zest is packed with vitamins C and P (flavonoids), which cleans the blood vessels and lowers LDL cholesterol and blood pressure. The skin prevents osteoporosis and strengthens the bones.

Juice of lemon zest:

Wash 2 lemons carefully. After squeezing the juice, finely chop the zest. Pour in 2-3 dl hot water and let stand for 12 hours. Drink two tablespoons of this juice every three hours, and before and after each meal (also 2 tablespoons).

Once you have finished the dose, do another one and repeat the procedure. This recipe is ideal for atherosclerosis, hypertension and cholesterol, because of its high vitamin P content. In combination with vitamin C, these vitamins cleanse the blood vessels and strengthen the blood circulation.

Lemon zest – Consumption

The best way to consume lemon zest is:

Wash your lemons well, and then freeze them. As you prepare your meals, grated some of the skin on your salads, soups, fish dishes, steak and many other meals. Nutritionists recommend adding a little grated lemon zest to hot tea.

Make sure to let your juices run free in your tea before drinking. This will give your food and drinks a refreshing taste, and more importantly, a large amount of vitamins and anti-cancer elements to enhance protection against cancer and cardiovascular disease.

You can also grate or cut into strips of fresh lemon in your dishes or drinks, but unlike frozen, it will not keep long.

Always buy organic lemons. If you can not find one, be sure to wash them or you can even soak them in a cider vinegar solution for 10-15 minutes before using the skin to remove dirt and chemicals. Here you can find some tips on how to clean the fruits of chemicals.

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