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It was last May that the "Drive in pot" opened its doors. A new concept, from Toulouse, that allows you to do your shopping without disposable packaging, everything is packaged in jars. And for now, customers are at the rendezvous.

Monday, 11:10, Virginie, who lives in Labastide-de-Lévis, parks in front of the "Drive in pot". Cageot in hand, she comes to pick up her shopping, passed on the website of the company. Especially no plastic bag! There, Émilie Cazeaux and her mother, Monique Cazeaux, the two entrepreneurs, deliver her order. Yoghurt in glass jars, starch in jars, fruit juice in glass bottles or puff pastry, also packaged in a glass container … There are even personal hygiene products, such as this solid deodorant.

"Before I did my shopping in supermarkets, says the young woman, then, two years ago, I started going to an organic market gardener to have local products. Now, for 3-4 months, I come here every week, it's great. It's an innovative approach, there is more waste and moreover it is organic ", testifies, enthused, the customer. An enthusiasm shared by Benjamin, another customer who came to collect his weekly order: "It's really a good concept, it has to develop. It's not more expensive and the quality is better, "he says.

"We did not expect such a craze," says Emilie. Since May, when the store opened, the two women have prepared more than 1,000 orders.

"Most of our products are local and come from the Tarn. At the beginning we had only about twenty producers, but today we have about forty. We are also very much in demand to help structures to create themselves but for the moment we really do not have the time because between the supply, the packaging and the deliveries, it is a lot of work ".

To your CVs

The Potted Drive is looking for one or two apprentices as soon as possible. If you follow training in CAP, BEP or BTS sale, you can send your CV to the following address:

1000th order placed on the website

At the end of September, registered its thousandth order. An encouraging step for both women who remain convinced that the concept will continue to attract new customers.

At the Potted Drive, 4 rue Jean-le-Rond-d'Alembert in Albi. Withdrawal also possible in the city center, Cafe Filao, 5 rue Gabriel-Pech.

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