During heat waves, the body is subjected to severe stress. To help him regulate his temperature, you drink more. Water, fruit juice, tea, coffee … all these drinks are they worth to hydrate your organism?

One month after the first heat wave of the summer of 2019, temperatures rise again. Météo France announced on July 19 that the maximum values ​​could reach up to 41 or even 42 ° C on the French territory, between Tuesday 23 and Thursday 25 July. To better live these heats, you can follow the recommendations of the National Agency for Food Safety (ANSES): after the glasses, sunscreen and hat, the agency reminds the importance of drinking regularly.

" When it's hot, the body regulates itselfexplains Faïza Bossy, general practitioner. The only way for him to protect himself is to sweat. Sweat cools the skin and helps regulate blood flow (when the body is fighting heat, this flow increases). " In general, it takes a fortnight for the body to adapt. There is no timecontinues the expert. The body will sweat a lot and the kidneys will have to eliminate more. It is therefore necessary to drink more than usual, between 1.5 and 2 liters. »Which drinks should be preferred in case of hot weather? Some are to be avoided? In what quantity, and at what temperature, should these beverages be drunk?

Some drinks are to be avoided when it is hot. // Source: Pxhere (cropped photo)

Not surprisingly, drink water. If you want a little change, you can slip a slice of lemon. " The lemon water activates the saliva and avoids having a dry mouth, which is pleasant when it is hot "Says the doctor. You can also opt for a mentholated water, which brings a feeling of freshness.

Be careful, however, not to drink this water too cold (nor too hot, by the way). " It should be drunk at room temperature, completes Faïza Bossy. Otherwise, you risk getting the blood vessels in your digestive system. With heat, the vessels dilate and the cold may force them to contract. Your body is already trying hard to regulate itself, so it's best to avoid this extra work.

Lemon water is a good idea. // Source: Pexels (cropped photo)

What about sparkling water? It is not to be avoided, but beware of sweet sparkling water that may promote dehydration.

For the same reasons as the previous one, it is better to refrain from consuming soda and fruit juice when the mercury soars. " Even if they give that initial feeling of freshness, sodas dehydrate "Says the doctor. Fruit juices are also to be avoided because they contain a lot of sugar. " Obviously, if you have the choice between a soda and a fruit juice, I would recommend to opt for the fruit juice "Says the specialist.

The amazing ally of hot weather is coconut water. As explained by Faïza Bossy, this drink is « close to blood plasma ". Coconut water is an isotonic drink, which means that it has the same osmotic pressure (the tension exerted by 2 liquids of different concentration on both sides of a membrane) than the blood plasma. Coconut water is not sweet and allows you to rehydrate.

Coconut water is recommended. // Source: Max Pixel / CC0 Public domain (cropped photo)

In hot weather, savoring your daily cup of tea or coffee is not prohibited. But " it should not be abused, warns the doctor, because they have a diuretic effect "Advises Faïza Bossy. Tea and coffee promote the secretion of urine by the kidneys. An option may be to consume tea or lukewarm coffee.

Whether it is based on fruits or vegetables, the soup is recommended to hydrate during hot weather. It contains water and mineral salts and is similar to the composition of our sweat. In addition to the traditional vegetable soups, you can drink watermelon, melon or strawberry soup, for example.

A strawberry soup. // Source: Flickr / CC / Two Helmets Cooking (cropped photo)

A cold beer on the terrace may seem attractive on hot days, but it is not the best ally for hydration. " The beer is sweet and alcoholic. It is diuretic and desiccant "Recalls the doctor. In short, this is exactly the combination that your body would do well with these high temperatures. If you drink, however, have at least two reflexes: " drink as much water and eat ", Notes Faïza Bossy.

The doctor advises drinking the equivalent of a glass every hour. One glass contains about 200 mL. If you do physical activity (which is not recommended during a heat wave), be sure to take 2 glasses of water before exercise, drink moderately during the effort and then drink afterwards.

Can we drink too much? Yes it's possible. No need to swallow 3 liters in a day. " Too much drinking has no interest. The kidney can eliminate 1 liter, says Faïza Bossy. Above 2 liters, the kidneys remove water and mineral salts. To help your body regulate its temperature, nothing is too much watering.

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