In this article, I propose a focus on the benefits of pineapple juice to our body, and a small top 10 juices and smoothies with pineapple that will allow you to enjoy all its benefits!

From good health to drinking in juice

Pineapple is a tropical fruit rich in nutrients, especially bromelain, an enzyme that has many properties described in my article on the benefits of pineapple.

These virtues are presented by Dr. Bodin in his book on The miracles of bromelain : anti-inflammatory, anti cancer, good healing, favorable to the digestive and cardiovascular system.

If you have arthritis, the pineapple juice consumption is recommended because bromelain slows the production of the metabolites that trigger inflammation: prostaglandins.

Scientists from Maryland's medical center argue that drinking juice from this fruit has the same effects as some medications like Advil for relieving the pain of osteoarthritis.

The recommended daily dose of bromelain is 160 mg. This dose is contained in a large glass of about 400ml of fresh pineapple juice.

Pineapple juice will finally help you eliminate fat and your metabolism burning calories. Since it is rich in vitamins and low in calories, this fruit juice is ideal for the proper functioning of the transit, and the pineapple has besides a reputation of food fat burner (although it is the stem of the pineapple that contains the most bromelin).

To summarize, the consumption of pineapple juice is very beneficial to the body, especially when the fruit is fresh. And that's good, because pineapple is succulent juice, and without the need to add sugar!

Top 10 homemade pineapple juice recipes

So that your taste buds can fully enjoy all the flavors offered by this tropical fruit, I suggest you a top 10 of best pineapple juice, and guaranteed without added sugar!

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