Want to become "the master of juices"? Here are all the information and tips you will need.

In this article, we will be talking about "homemade" natural juices, which can be obtained from a juicer or juicer. But, why prefer this type of juice to those that can be found in bottles in shops? Here is the winning logic of juices in a few points.

Basically, there are fruits and vegetables. These foods are systematically and without controversy, put forward to enjoy good health. They are excellent sources of vitamins, minerals, fiber and also antioxidants. To understand the role of antioxidants, we must put them in relation with our body. Our main problem, we are all aware, is that our cells and therefore our bodies are aging. And we too at the same time. One of the main causes of aging: free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that, when they come into contact with the cells of our body, act like rust on the metal: they oxidize it. The oxidation caused by free radicals attacks the tissues and cells of our body, thus accelerating their aging. Antioxidants, as their name suggests, are molecules that, conversely, will limit the oxidation of our cells and reduce the production of free radicals by our body. There is no doubt, antioxidants are our best friends. That's why it's important to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, they allow our body to stay young and healthy thanks to the action of antioxidants.

But then, why eat them in the form of juice?

The consumption of whole fruits and vegetables is necessary, but in the form of juice they have some additional advantages. At the beginning of the 20th century, two American doctors became pioneers in the field of juice nutrition. The first of them, Dr. Kirschner, explains in his book Drink your vegetables that "the ability to break down the cellular structure of raw vegetables and to assimilate the valuable elements they contain, even in healthy individuals, is fractional – often 1%. In the form of juice, these same individuals assimilate up to 92% of these elements. ". In fact, when one makes a juice (with an extractor or a centrifuge), one gets rid of the fibers present in fruits and vegetables. In the form of whole foods, their digestion takes several hours and can sometimes be painful, especially for fragile intestines. Available in liquid form and freed of fiber, digestion is very fast. The nutrients are then quickly assimilated and absorbed by the cells (20 minutes on average).

When Dr. Norman Walker, symbolic and historical figure of the power of juices, he was a strong advocate of natural juices as a driver of health and longevity. He developed the first modern juice extractor and explained in Rejuvenate and stay young how important it was to feed our cells intensely. This centenary followed a diet raw or so-called "alive" and drank 1 liter of fresh juice a day. These choices would have allowed her to live a long life without illness or pain.

All these benefits for our health are all the more accessible as the juices are loved and appreciated by all. This is a great way to consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables while enjoying a taste to die for. But as we all have our taste preferences, juices allow us to consume those we do not like, without even realizing it. For example, if you prepare a juice of apples, kiwis and strawberries, you can slip a piece of broccoli there, it will leave no taste in the end. But all these benefits will be there. Finally, the initiation to the taste of fruits and vegetables is capital during childhood, the tastes that we learn to appreciate at this age, will remain familiar tastes and loved throughout our lives. Even the most intractable children will not stand in front of a large colored glass of fresh juice.

Let's not forget that juices force us to consume raw foods, preserved from the heat of cooking, nutrients are thus preserved and maintained in the best proportions. Fresh + quickly digestible = probably one of the most effective and complete ways to feed.

But it's time to appeal to the contemporary mouthpiece of the juice, the self-proclaimed "The Juice Master": Jason Vale. This young British has become a reference in health and juice. Appreciated for his dynamism and charisma, he would have given himself the mission of spreading the benefits of juices to the four corners of the globe. His personal story is one of those communication tools. Before, "Jason was overweight, smoked three packs of cigarettes a day, suffered from eczema and psoriasis." Then the juices have been there (as well as a change of diet and a little physical activity). As he explains himself, his mental and physical well being have improved to a point he never imagined. To understand his point, I recommend this TED video:

The Juice Master includes on its website (http://www.juicemaster.com/) a multitude of tips, recipes, explanations and simple methods to bring juice into your daily life. For my part, I'll do the same!

Here are some tips for going beyond speeches.

One of the main reluctance to use a centrifuge: wash it. If you do not know how to do it and it takes too much time, this video of the Juice Master will simplify your life. In 5 minutes. Tested and approved

The "juice specialists" consider that the best time to drink a juice is on waking, fasting, for reasons of digestion and optimal assimilation. But it would be a shame to miss it, whatever the time of day!

Vitamins in fruits or vegetables are very sensitive to heat and air. As soon as they are cut, the destruction of vitamins and minerals is launched. This is called the oxidation phenomenon. As a result, it is strongly advised to cut food and drink their juice as quickly as possible.

For cutting, there is no need to peel or cut into small pieces the fruits and vegetables. As long as the diameter goes through the entrance of the machine, there is nothing more to do. Do not forget to wash them with drinking water and rub them to get rid of pesticide residues. And if you can economically make this choice, prefer fruits and vegetables from organic farming.

To introduce you to the juice, here is a recipe idea, very easy preparation and inevitable tasting (quantity for 1 person)
4 carrots, 1 apple (Golden, variety that gives more juice), ½ lemon (remove the skin for taste and pesticides)
+ A slice of raw beet? A Kiwi ? Two branches of celery?
The result will be for sure a treat and a real surprise. It's your turn !

In Toulouse :

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