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<p style=I have in my little kitchen a super juicer Philips For a few years now, but sincerely, even though it is very easy to wash, I do not use it every day. Must say that it is not ultra silent and I'm the first morning in the kitchen so I do not want to wake up my little family. By cons, the weekend and holidays I take more time to prepare fruit juices for breakfastor to taste it to accompany some homemade pastries.

And my favorite juice is the Orange juice. I also have a citrus press (an accessory that I bought to put on my robot Kenwood Chef), but sincerely I find the centrifuged orange juice more tasty than the pressed juice, it has a velvety texture that I like a lot.

By cons, the orange juice is not very local fruits and vegetables … oranges like the sun, so necessarily, they do not come from us, but a little further south. In the winter we find oranges from Morocco, Spain or Israel, and the further we go in the end of winter, they come from even further, and there arghhh hello the kilometers for our daily fruits!

So to vary, I also make apple juice. From September to March, I buy through my AMAP 4 kilos of local apples, every 3 weeks that serve me as well for compotes, cakes and fruit juice of the weekend. As apples do not normally keep in the fridge, I just put the night before a few in the fridge to have a fresh juice squeezed the next morning is better.

And if not, to vary, there is a juice that I love is the ACE, with orange, carrot and lemon. But this one I do it for myself alone, I'm the only one to enjoy it at home!

And you, then, do you have a centrifuge? Do you prepare your own fruit juice and what are your tips, your favorite recipes? Tell me everything I am curious 🙂

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