Welcome to our comparison of the 7 best juicers of the year. These devices will allow you to realize fresh fruit juice, healthy and natural from your home. The electric juicer will help you win time. We have gathered for you in this page the best models of the moment.

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Top 4 – Citrus Press Promo from the moment

here is Electroguide selection best promotions and tips Citrus press that our team has found for you.

Our opinion on this selection

In this selection, there is one brand that stands out from the others by offering one model at a time efficient and innovative. This is the juicer Riviera and Bar PR866A who is an elegant model all stainless. Its induction motor 110W is, at the same time powerful and silent. This model also offers a pulp selector to get either a thick pulp juice is a fine pulp juice depending on your desires. The device allows to extract a maximum of juice in a minimum of time.

Explanation of the ranking

To help you in choosing your juicerwe have gathered below the list of technical criteria which allowed us to select our best models. Here's what you need watch before buying your device:

  • Power : this is an important criterion and is directly related to the frequency of use of your device. If you are going to use your juicer every day and to do several juices and in large quantities, then you have to make sure the quality of the engine. The appliance must not heat and must offer a power which corresponds to your needs. If you are alone or in a relationship with a minimum power of 40W will be enough but if you are many at home it will be necessary to choose a model that proposes a minimum of 100W.
  • Service by the glass: a juicer offers several functions as glass servicethat is, your juice falls directly into a glass and does not stay in the bowl. You can also find devices that offer the anti-drip function to avoid the risk of splashing. It is up to you to check the functions offered on the different models and select the ones that interest you.
  • Number of cones: if you wish to realize several juices then you will have to opt for devices that offer several cones. All citrus fruits do not have the same form that's why you have to be careful in number and form of the proposed cones.
  • Leverage arm: the presence of a lever arm on the device allows for squeeze the fruits more quickly and easier. If you are in a hurry in the morning, a lever arm will make you win time.
  • Pulp: the presence of a pulp selector is an essential element if you want to have a choice between a juice without pulp, a fine pulp juice and a thick pulp juice. You must verify that your device offers either a pulp selector, is a sieve is a filter.
  • Dimension : we must also check the format of the device before buying it, if you have no room then you will have to opt for a compact juicer. Design is also important because it is a visible object in the kitchen, so go for beautiful devices.

How to choose a juicer?

Welcome to our purchase guide devoted to choosing a electric juicer. This can be a very good tool when you know choose the right model. There are some with spout directly in the glass, with handle to squeeze the fruit directly without effort and with the best efficiency, or with tank …

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The 7 best juice extractors

here is our ranking of the 7 best juice extractors of the year 2019. Our selection includes products of all ranges, among top rated and best sellers sure Amazon. These 7 rigorously studied devices, preserve all the nutritional qualities of the fruits and vegetables inserted.

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