To improve the supply of care in the islands, Oscar Temaru relaunched his idea (which dates from 2013) to call on Cuban doctors and noted the difficulties of obtaining visas they face. "Almost 5 years ago we were in Cuba. We were invited to an international symposium on diabetes with Moetai Brotherson and to talk about health in general. (…) I started to talk about our country, its geography, where we were located. He stopped me. He asked me "how many doctors do you need?" (…) I was caught off guard. I took my phone and called our president. I said "here I am in Havana, at the Faculty of Medicine and they ask us how many doctors we need". The answer was "I can not answer you, I have to bring the government together". We waited. (…) It has been years more amputee people with diabetes while today there are more than a hundred people who are amputated at home in Taaone Hospital. And this country is ready to send us doctors who have been trained to work in the remote islands. It's another training. (…) We will talk to the government but it's been five years. "

"To be able to bring these Cuban doctors (…) they need a Visa. It is a state competence. And that's what's holding back development ", estimates Oscar Temaru.

Questions about taking over Hoane

The leader of Tavini wonders about the consequences of the death of little Hoane: "One wonders: was this kid's problem 48 hours old? Is this a congenital problem? I think that a lung problem does not appear like that overnight and we do not lose someone like that in 48 hours. For me it means that this problem is several weeks old. It means that several weeks ago, we should have evasanate it in Tahiti. There is a doctor there. Does he have what it takes to do the right analysis? I do not know (…) that's why the project of Tavini Huiraatira holds the road. To make our country, as big as Europe, the federated states of Maohi Nui. The Marquesas would be one of the federated states, give them all the means. "

Oscar Temaru, absent this year from the 4th UN commission says it has been hung here for health reasons, but announces it will send a charter to New York next year. The pro-independence leader also said he wants to charter two charters for the 40th anniversary of Vanuatu's independence.

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