Eating well is a crucial point to preserve your health. Through the diet you have, you'll get better sleep, more hair and skin, weight loss, and more. But not to get bored and be able to consume more than a meal of detox juices, you have to work your imagination.

Inspirations for our vegetable juice and fruit recipes

After the acquisition of a juice extractor or a centrifuge, we start very quickly in the realization of these first juices. What's more normal than testing your new best food friend. We search its first recipes on the internet and we discover recipes as you could do on this website.

But if you want to emancipate yourself and do your own juice according to your inspirations, you will probably be interested in acquiring a see or two or even several books providing you with sufficient bases to conceive yourself your best juices.

We find in a book like that of Joe Cross (a best seller in the field), a wealth of information to design even its juices.

A selection of cookbooks that we find interesting

Discover a selection of recipe books of vegetable juice and fresh fruit. These books are available on Amazon. You just have to click on one of the covers and you will arrive directly on the pages of the book. Feel free to look at the comments of people who have already bought the books. Have fun and enjoy!

To deepen the subject further …

Discover other books on the subject but also other styles of feeding on amazon. You may also be interested in paleo diets or anti-diabetes diets. Many books on different diets exist on Amazon.

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