Hello, today I propose you a juice which is not extracted with the centrifuge but with a
juicer: the pomegranate juice. This juice is antioxidant, it protects against infections and it helps
to the health of the skin.

Pomegranate juice (pomegranate)

Ingredient for 1 glass of 8 ounces (250 ml):
1 to 2 pomegranates (organic if possible)
1 organic lemon wedge (optional)
1. Cut off the
pomegranates in 2 and pass through the juicer until you obtain 8 ounces
2. Consume the juice
without delay to benefit from all the nutrients.
You can serve the juice on ice with a lemon wedge, I advise you if the juice is too bitter (optional).
The grenade is one
fruit that contains the most antioxidants. So, do not hesitate to consume the
as well as the seeds (to garnish your salads for example) the most
regularly possible. You must not abuse pomegranate juice,
because it contains a lot of natural sugar.

Potassium, vitamin C,
vitamin B5, vitamin B6 and copper.

The Video Version

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adjust the settings in the bar under the video,

click on the wheel, on quality and then on HD.

Important note:

It is important to wash the pomegranate (with a soap for fruits and vegetables) and rinse it with cold running water. This is important because anything that touches the knife on the outside of the grenade will eventually come into contact with the seeds when you cut it.

The English Version

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