Passion fruit juice

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Here is a recipe hyper vitamin: recipe passion fruit juice. It is an exotic fruit juice and full of vitamin. You can drink it as is or use it to deglaze your meat or fish.

Preparation Guide: Passion Fruit Juice


  • 4 passion fruit purple (200 to 230 gr.)
  • 1 cup of water)


STEP 1Take your passion fruit, wash it and cut it in half.

2ND STEPEmpty them with a spoon. Pour the contents into a salad bowl with a colander. Press well on the pulp in the strainer to extract a maximum of pulp. Then gradually pour the cup of water over the seeds while continuing to extract the remaining pulp by pressing with the spatula on the sides of the sieve.

STEP 3Finally, remove the seeds and scrape the sieve to recover the juice.


You can deglaze your meat with juice, or use it in raw fish recipes for example.

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