The burrs are one of the fruits that can best be combined to make a delicious dessert. With cream, sugar, yogurt, etc., the options are endless. In an A, however, we bring you the recipe to make. strawberries with orange juicea perfect blend due to the contrast between the sweetness and acidity of each fruit.

Steps to follow to prepare this recipe:


The first thing to do is to wash the strawberries thoroughly, remove their tails and chop them up. Then put them in a bowl.

How to prepare strawberries in orange juice - Step 1



Take the oranges and squeeze them. When you have all the juice, add it to the strawberry bowl.

How to prepare strawberries with orange juice - Step 2



Pour the sugar over the strawberries and orange juice and mix all the ingredients well. You can use white and brown sugar to suit your taste.


Let’s leave it at that. strawberries with orange juice in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 hours to allow the flavours to mix well and the fruit to cool.


The recipe can be completed by adding chopped strawberry bananas with orange juice, which go well with both fruits.

How to prepare strawberries in orange juice - Step 5


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