Welcome to our purchase guide devoted to choosing a electric juicer. This can be a very good tool when you know choose the right model. There are some with spout directly in the glass, with handle to squeeze the fruit directly without effort and with the best efficiency, or with tank …

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The juicer with handle

See the best citrus press models with handle

from 129 to 269 €

This is our view best choice of juicer electric to do. The cone turned automatically on itself and you have to press the handle for squeeze your orange, your lemon or another fruit …

This is the type of juicer that will extract the most juice of your fruit.

These models are part of top of the line juicers and are equipped with spout directly in the glass.

You just have to remove the removable elements and rinse them or put them in dishwasher.

→ See the best models of juicer with handle

The juicer with glass service

See the best juicer models with spout

from 19 to 269 €

The second choice that we recommend, it's the juicer with glass service. Cheaper because it has no handle, the cone turns automatically, and it's up to you to squeeze the juice.

A spout is located just below the party that collects the juice and grave so directly in your glass. Convenient when you have trouble waking up in the morning.

For this guy, you will have to do watch out for the power of the citrus press, so that the rotation Do not stop if you press too hard.

The quality of the extraction juice depend of this power.

→ See the best models of juicer with glass service

The juicer with reservoir

See the best models of juicer with tank

from 9 to 269 €

Third possible choice : electric juicers with tank are practical to prepare a large amount of juice (until 1L for most models).

If you want to prepare orange juice for the whole family in the morning, so better choose an electric juicer with a tank.

The principle of rotation is the same. Some models also offer different sizes of cones for the adapt depending on the pressed fruit: orange, lemon, grapefruit …

our recommendations in terms of power are the same: choose a good power not to stop the rotation during the pressure. The powers range from 25 to 100w, 40 to 50w we seem to be a minimum.

→ See the best models of juicer with tank

The 7 best juicers

Welcome to our comparison of the 7 best juicers of the year 2019. Riviera and Bar brands, Cookie and Electrolux arrive on your mind of our ranking. The techniques, the materials and the capacity of these juicers are different. We provide a explanation after the ranking.

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