Here is my first realization of a fresh multivitamin juice with my juice extractor Fagor

As I explained on my Facebook page, I could afford this extractor with my loyalty card Intermarché. It is a juice extractor brand Fagor worth € 109 posted Intermarché 49 €. It was absolutely necessary that I use the balance of my Intermarché card before the end of February and I had accumulated 48 € so the calculation is done quickly, an extractor for 1 € youpiiiii

This first fruit juice has been validated 300% by the whole family. 0 added sugar. Toppppp

If you do not have an extractor you can use a citrus press or your robot and filter the juice

Ingredients for 1 very large glass

3 oranges

1 apple

1 banana

Peel your fruit and cut into pieces

Insert them into the "chimney" of the extractor and launch the robot

Here you have to eat

If your fruits are not fresh, put your juice in the fridge, the vitamins can be preserved without alteration for 12 hours

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