The period of pregnancy is a particularly delicate moment from a dietary point of view, since each meal consumed has an immediate impact on the unborn baby and it is for this reason that a healthy and balanced diet must remain the major concern of the future mother.

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The nutritional needs of the body will change considerably over the nine months and some foods such as lemon will clearly be unavoidable.

What are the benefits of lemon during this period and can the pregnant woman consume it without fear?

Lemon: a fruit with many virtues for the pregnant woman

Essential foods of most slimming diets, fruits are known to be rich in minerals and vitamins essential for the proper functioning of the body. While these foods are essential in normal times, they are even more important during pregnancy.

Like other citrus fruits, the lemon is a remarkable source of vitamin C. Drinking lemon juice makes it all the more sensible for pregnant women to have significant Vitamin C deficiencies and this fruit is a first-rate .

Contrary to some unfounded fears, there is absolutely no dangerous side effect to dread as a result of lemon consumption during pregnancy.

Lemon: undeniable virtues to control its weight

In addition to its high vitamin C content, drinking lemon is also a great idea for its qualities antioxidant. In fact, lemon is a remarkable cleanser and will focus on cleaning and eliminating toxins in the body.

Whether prepared in the form of lemon syrup or juice, this fruit will not only be beneficial for the mother but also for the child since it must be known that the lemon has a high level of potassium, one of which major properties is to contribute to the proper development and construction of the bones of the being to be born.

Similarly, the potassium contained in the lemon will also play an important role in the construction and consolidation of the brain and nerve cells of the baby.

Lemon juice: a slimming food excellent for health

To convince yourself that consuming lemon does not make you fat, you just have to dwell on its caloric characteristics. A lemon contains on average only 30 calories, making it one of the poorest fruits in this area.

For pregnant women, drinking a glass of lemon juice several times a day, especially on an empty stomach, will effectively fight high blood pressure. Drinking lemon regularly helps lower blood pressure, which is highly recommended for a pregnant woman.

One of the great benefits of lemon is that it can be consumed in a variety of ways. It can of course be prepared in the form of juice or syrup but it is a fruit that can be associated with countless recipes, dietary and healthy preferably.

If lemon is, by nature, a fruit regularly promoted in slimming diets, the latter has its place in the diet of the pregnant woman who will find in it all the vitamins and virtues necessary for the good development of his child.

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