To maintain good health, a balanced diet is essential. As we know, fruits and vegetables contain everything you need to replenish vitamins and nutrients. To boost its health greedily, we found a way to consume it intelligently: the juice. Boost your immune system, restart a lazy transit, fight against cholesterol or take care of your eyes … to each affection its recipe.

But beware, that says health juice says quality juice. To derive all the benefits, some conditions are necessary.

Do you opt for a homemade juice? First step: choose ingredients from organic farming, so as to ingest the least amount of pesticides possible. Also go for fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables – the best way to get the vitamins and nutrients you need all year long.

How to choose your juice extractor: power, speed, ergonomics, we tell you everything!

No time to do it yourself? If you prefer ready-to-eat juices, take them organic and learn to decode the labels.

⋙ Discover now our 8 juice recipes to boost your health, and many otherss The health juice guide, from Martina Krčmár to Guy Trédaniel Publishing House.

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